Heating, Ventilation and Cooling

Heating & Air Promotions

  • Save UP to $2,100.00 on a new heating air conditioning system through August 31st.  This includes manufacture, SchagrinGas and De State Rebates.
  • Various financing options on the purchase of a new HVAC system through August 31st.  This includes Lennox, Amana and Mitsubishi brands. 
  • Pay as low as $10 per month through your propane level payment plan with a HVAC Service Contract.

    Home Heating

    Do you feel like you cant get out from under the covers because its just too cold in your home?  Let Schagrin Heating & Air Energy experts solve that problem!  With new technology, like variable speed blowers and modulating gas valves, heating has never been so comfortable and affordable.

    Schagrin Heating & Air installs brands that are dependable and  backed with Lifetime Warranties!  Modulating gas furnaces can give you the comfort you have been looking for and not worry about spending a fortune to heat your home.  The furnace will only run at the capcity that is needed depending on the outdoor temperatures and thermostat settings.

    Don’t forget that Schagrin Heating & Air also services any gas furnace and heat pumps.  We offer 24/7 emergency service along with preventative maintenace contracts.

    So don’t be left in the cold and call Schagrin Heating & Air today!

    Air  Conditioning

    Schagrin Heating & Air offers a full line of A/C systems ranging from your most basic installation up to your most efficient options available on the market today. With ratings available of up to 25 S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and industry changing variable speed compressors your opportunity for maximum comfort and energy savings has never been greater then right now. Today’s A/C systems not only keep you cool in the summer time but they are also smart enough to control the relative humidity within the home. This added feature allows you to use only the energy you need by allowing you to keep the thermostat set at a higher temperature while being just as comfortable as you were at the lower setting. Have you ever used a dimmer switch to create just the right amount of lighting in your room? Today’s variable speed air conditioners work the same way. They only offer up just the right amount of energy needed to make you comfortable. As the outside gets hotter, the A/C speeds up, as it cools down outside, the A/C slows down. Translation, low energy costs and a very comfortable house. No matter your A/C needs Schagrin Heating & Air can meet it.

    Indoor Air Quality

    One of the biggest ites that is looked over when purchasing a HVAC system is the indoor air quality!  From allowing fresh air to enter your house to filtering all the dust particles and germs, Schagrin Heating & Air can desing an Indoor Air Quality system to meet your needs.

    We provide ERV systems to allow fresh air to enter the house and replace the stale air inside the home.  This is very important when dealing with “tighter” more efficeint built homes.

    One item that is missed is the bacteria that could be growing inside your system.  Schagrin Heating & Air has the solution with PureAir and UV systems to kill the bacteria.

    Call one of Energy Experts today to learn more about IAQ.

    Water Heating

    How many ways can you heat your domestic water? With so many options to choose from Schagrin Heating & Air can not only professionally answer that question for you, but we can also offer you every option from the basic electric water heater replacement to the upgraded natural/propane gas power vented water heater or the ultimate cutting edge technology of ultra high efficiency natural/propane gas tankless water heaters. With efficiencies of up to 98% and the amazing ability to only heat the amount of water required to meet your demands means lower energy costs and greater comfort.

    Are you tired of paying for wasted water while waiting for your shower to warm up before you jump in? There is a solution! Today’s tankless water heaters have a built in pump to recirculate hot water throughout the home so that problem disappears. But what if I don’t have a tankless water heater, can I still solve this issue? Schagrin Heating & Air also offers a solution to this age old problem which will adapt to all makes and models of water heaters young or old.