Water Heating

How many ways can you heat your domestic water? With so many options to choose from Schagrin Heating & Air can not only professionally answer that question for you, but we can also offer you every option from the basic electric water heater replacement to the upgraded natural/propane gas power vented water heater or the ultimate cutting edge technology of ultra high efficiency natural/propane gas tankless water heaters. With efficiencies of up to 98% and the amazing ability to only heat the amount of water required to meet your demands means lower energy costs and greater comfort.

Are you tired of paying for wasted water while waiting for your shower to warm up before you jump in? There is a solution! Today’s tankless water heaters have a built in pump to recirculate hot water throughout the home so that problem disappears. But what if I don’t have a tankless water heater, can I still solve this issue? Schagrin Heating & Air also offers a solution to this age old problem which will adapt to all makes and models of water heaters young or old.

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Water Heating Promotions

  • $200 off the purchase of a Navien or Rinnai Tankless water heater through August 31st.