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Indoor Air Quality Services

One of the most overlooked services when purchasing a HVAC system is the indoor air quality!  From allowing fresh air to enter your house to filtering all the dust particles and germs, Schagrin Heating & Air can design an Indoor Air Quality system to meet your needs.

We provide ERV systems to allow fresh air to enter the house and replace the stale air inside the home.  This is very important when dealing with “tighter” more efficeint built homes.

One item that is missed is the bacteria that could be growing inside your system.  Schagrin Heating & Air has the solution with PureAir and UV systems to kill the bacteria.

Humidification Services

Low humidity levels in your home can lead to discomfort and worse, health issues if left unchecked. If you’re sick and tired of dry, contaminated air in your home or small business, our indoor air quality experts can tailor a solution to your specific air quality needs!

Dehumidification Services

During the summer months, mold growth and allergies become a constant problem. At Schagrin Heating and Air, our team of certified technicians offer dehumidification services that will will return your house to the comfortable home you deserve.

Air Filtration Services

Indoor air carries more dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores than outdoor air.  Want to breathe easy? Contact Schagrin Heating and Air for a custom designed air quality solution that will have your whole family breathing a sigh of relief. Our systems include air purifiers, air cleaners, and upgraded air filters.

Schagrin Heating and Air provides the following air quality services:

  • Humidification services
  • Dehumidification services
  • Air filtration systems and services

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